Northern Survival – An Incredible True Story

Picture the most remote and solitary place you could ever find your self on Earth. Wrangel Island, its a desolate arctic island that lies some 300 kms off thee North Eastern corner of Siberia. Its virtually inaccessible by sea as a result of the fact that its never made commercial contact with the outside world until 1978 when a group of divers made a courageous attempt to explore its interior.

During their expedition, the divers came across a place unlike any they had ever seen before. The desolate, featureless landscape was a haunting reminder of the sort of environment certain types of wilderness landscapes can produce. The divers also encounter animals that should more than test the skills of any woman.

At first the Russian divers confined themselves to observing the huge crags and rocks before them. Soon, however, they were ready to put those observations aside and begin a real search for something more substantial. They soon found the place they were looking for – a small paradise surrounded by snow capped mountains.

Here they found a small lake and a beautiful white preserve that they named Island Zhemchuk. The place had an exotic, exotic feel to it, which made the Russian’s hearts beat with delight.

They stayed on this beautiful island for a few days and took up a small settled in a simple apartment. Then, the hardest work began – preparing the Island for its first human visitors.

Before every expedition the group had to gather necessary supplies for the trip. That would ensure that none of them would be left hungry or thirsty. Also, to ensure that their backs were comfortable throughout their expedition the men were forced to lie down on the mattresses in the living room.

However, one man refused to lie down. He felt that it was too uncomfortable and he would not give up his adventurous activities. That man wasfitting a dog sled and rode non-stop throughout the trip. When they stopped for a rest they made sure the dogs knew there was no place to leave them. That proved to be necessary. They hiked through the soft snow carrying their gear on their backs. Once they reached the top of the approximately 2000 foot descent they stopped and camped.

That first camping trip proved to be extremely uncomfortable but the men were extremely brave and decided to take chances on falling. They lay down and swam under the power of the cold water. The strong wind and freezing temperatures made them shiver and strain. Despite this freezing cold they still had fun and fun through the night. They did have to ensure that their clothes were always completely waterproof.

The next day provided more misery and struggle. The men were miles away from any possible help and Search and Rescue could do nothing to help them. Their only friends and relatives were a couple of British tourists.

At this point Bob became determined to find a way to help the men. All through the difficult journey they continued to enjoy the beauty of the rugged trail. They slowly moved and camped at different locations. Each man worked his hardest to try to help the group.

Finally, after 6 days and 14 hours of struggling through the wilderness, the group came to a small parking area. They were going to spend the night and camp under the stars. Ruthless Chief got out of the truck and walked toward the group. He wanted a peanut butter sandwich. Heredically, the group couldn’t move on for fear of repercussions from the principal.

The next morning the men headed out to the truck to prepare it for the trip back. When they returned they had discovered that the truck had been pushed into a narrow ravine on the side of the road.

So they flipped the vehicle back over and covered the hole with some bushes. The principal totally freaked out and started screaming at them. I’m sure he still does, wondering why they would go out of there to hurt themselves.

Needless to say, they didn’t sleep that night.

The Defcon

They were obviously pretty shaken up, and decided to wait a week before returning to the Castle.

Luckily, they didn’t have to sleep in a tent this time. Their solution was to rent an RV and park it near the Castle.

Needless to say, they had to call a couple of different motels to get rest for the night. When they were asleep in the RV the heat went out of them and they fell back to sleep. They dreamed of snakes andWereaz and drank to calm themselves down. They were so drunk they couldn’t respond when the next call came.

They woke up the next morning in the RV. It was early and they didn’t have their backup light. They decided to see how much gas was left in the lantern.

They selected the low setting on the heater and left it on. It turned off every once in a while, after a while they put it back on.